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Our Projects

With years of experience in UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Swaziland, Argentina and Dominican Republic, you may have already seen one of our award-winning projects without even realising it.


Wundersight Group has designed and developed more than 150MW of Renewable Power Plants, and has build and commissioning more than 12MW of ground and rooftop mounted photovoltaic projects. 


Wundersight has also specialised in energy efficiency projects, using LED lighting, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic technology, battery storage, small wind power and biomass. 


Construction and civil works are also important part of our development and building activity.


Below is a selection of projects of which we are particularly proud. Of course, every project is important to us, but we want to provide you with a sample of the boundless possibilities we can deliver.

Latest Projects

Wunder Solar I, 850kW ground mounted, Swaziland

Second pilot project in Swaziland, ready to build.



Four containers solution for isolated communities: Solar + Biomass + Storage + Grid Mangament. Plug & Play. Scalable



Waterford Kamhlaba School, Mbabane, Swaziland

Proof of Concep for Schools in Africa. 750kW solar and biomass.

Offshore Island Porto Santo Project (OIPS) - Madeira

Research and Development Offshore Project: Aquaculture integrated with Hexicon semi-sumersible multiturbine platform 2x5MW, in partnership with EEM (Madeira Electricity Company) and AREAM (Madeira Energy and Environment Agency).




A new cryptocurrency for the Renewable Energy market.


WELEC is a unique tool for the global and efective deployment of the renewable energy market









Research and Development project: CAPEX and OPEX reduction in offshore floating multiturbine platforms.


WunderHexicon Plocan Project

Pilot offshore wind project. Plocan - Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias. Gran Canaria, Spain

Onshore Wind 522 MW

Under development onshore wind 522 MW project in Spain

Project showcase

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