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Hexicon: Offshore wind floating platform multiturbine

WunderHexicon, 50/50 JV between Swedish Hexicon and Spanish Wundersight Group

  • Hexicon develops multi turbine floating wind foundations
  • Wundersight develops renewable energy projects
  • Purpose is to develop floating wind projects in Iberia using Hexicon’s patented technology
  • WunderHexicon pocesses the combined skillset of:
    • Floating wind IP and know-how
    • Project development experience – renewables in general and floating wind in particular
    • Local network and presence

Hexicon Technology


  • Semi-submersible platform
  • Two turbines on one foundation
  • Single point mooring with turret
  • Passively aligns with the wind
  • Area efficiency (up to 70% energy density increase)
PLOCAN – 2019 - Ongoing
  • Single demo unit
  • Demonstrates technical and financial feasibility
  • Optimising and developing local supply chain




  • 300 MW SE of Gran Canaria - 2020
    • Conveys cost reduction through serial production
    • Optimal location
    • Invest in local supply chain developments
    • ~90,000 tonnes of steel fabrication
    • 1,000+ Full Time Equivalents during fabrication
    • 50-100 long term jobs for 20 years of operations
  • Multiple 200-500 MW wind farms around Canaries
    • Identification of multiple suitable sites
    • Further enhance local supply chain for large scale production

PLOCAN Pilot Project. Gran Canaria - Canary Islands. Spain

Wunder Hexicon S.L.

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